It’s been upward of 20 years since establishment as a specialized trading company of sheet metal and metal cutting machine.Please consult River-Tech which is trustworthy and has business results, when you think about disposal and purchase.
Daily maintenance is counted as great value.
As well as the founder, employees of River-Tech proud of ourself about fondness and knowledge of sheet metal and metal cutting machine! Our support which makes use of connection with manufacturers are strongly recommended.
We can purchase the machines at a high price, as we can measure the value of machines precisely. Please ask us before you trade in to manufacturers.
We consider the time you purchase our machine is the beginning of our relationship. We are willing to accept any consultations like operation, repair, and maintenance of machines.

River-Tech is a specialized company of sheet metal and metal cutting machine with techniques of maintenance and repair and has a motto of setting a high value and selling extremely precise machines. Please feel free to contact us for consultation and inquiry.